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What’s the latest in the UK regards Coronavirus?

Here are the latest headlines on the outbreak from the UK:

  • Another 684 people died, bringing the UK death toll to 3,605. The total number of cases is now 38,168

  • The government has told people to stay at home this weekend, as the weather is expected to turn warm

  • Following the deaths of two nurses with the virus, England's chief nursing officer asked the public: "Please stay at home for them."

  • Health Secretary Matt Hancock has called for volunteers to take part in three major clinical trials that include looking at how existing drugs could be used to treat the virus

  • The Labour Party is to announce its new leader - at 10:45 BST - but amid the outbreak, a planned ceremony has been scrapped. Instead, candidates Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy will learn the outcome over email. Each of them has been asked to pre-record victory speeches - only one of which will be released

  • The Queen is to address the nation in a broadcast on Sunday evening